Advocacy and Education

I have had no less than 3 interviews since Monday, February 13th about the state of mental health and the youth in our community. I was writing this opinion piece when Axios contacted me for comment about the impending CDC report so I included that data as well.

You can read my statement here:  Legislating DEIBA in Kansas


Resources About Trauma and Other Topics

There is no one size fits all. Do not feel as though you should have all the answers to understand everything your child goes through. 

If your child is experiencing difficulties with behavior or emotions, any resources here are provided for information purposes and are not intended to diagnose or treat. Please speak with a helping professional directly regarding treatment options. 

Lighthouse TCO Foundation

Revenue from Tara D. Wallace, LLC provides funding for Lighthouse TCO Foundation, a non-profit focused on building resilience and promoting holistic wellness in minority and low-access communities.